Wat do we teach/preach?


We teach/preach the complete finished work of Christ, in every area of our/your life.








 Part 1 - 4  : Do I have faith?

Part 1               http://youtu.be/Bu22qV80lvc

Part 2               http://youtu.be/uWLhHvEBQD4

part 3                https://youtu.be/H-Yt-9wDwts

part 4                https://youtu.be/yvaQmsPKQF4




 Part 1 - 6  :

 How to renew your mind to get God's best

Part 1                https://youtu.be/9NaeN3QcLjw

Part 2                 https://youtu.be/BJW5loN9FTc

Part 3                 https://youtu.be/qlnXiq9WShc

Part 4                 https://youtu.be/yrxmY8_uEo0

Part 5                 https://youtu.be/SAUdAkxsb8w

Part 6                https://youtu.be/ZYXY3axQwWo



 God's Love in you






If Jesus has set me free, why am I still struggling



 Our faithful God the Healer